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5D XL Mega Short Stem Pro

$14.95 $23.95

SUPER dark black

Heat-Bonded bases

Hand Made

 Super Soft Korean PBT material

 Consistent Curl

 Easy to pick up - won’t fall apart

 Light Weight



5D Premade short stem Volume Fans – 16 lines XL Tray 320 premade fans Amazing value and Time-saving. 

Beautifully hand-crafted. 

Twice the size of a standard tray and 100% more fans.

Premade fans can improve the speed of your application and the quality of finish which means more time for more clients! 5D Lashes are actually 5 individual lashes joined together at the base that can be applied to a single natural lash to give a fuller look. They’re perfect for clients without many natural lashes, or simply used to cut down application time. 

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