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Sky Zone Glue 10ml


Sky Zone adhesive is the most advanced glue that Sky have developed in recent times. It offers industry leading retention of up to an amazing 7 weeks in addition to a super fast drying time of 1-2 seconds. This means that you can lash your clients in less time, and they'll be hugely impressed with the length of time that their lashes last! They'll be sure to return time and time again!

Usually, to achieve such outstanding performance, there is a slight compromise in the product - in lash glues that compromise is most often a high level of fumes. However, with this new formulation, Sky Glue have managed to produce a product with unbeatable performance while maintaining LOW fumes - something which no other manufacturer has achieved to date.

Now you have the chance to really stand out from the crowd with this Sky Zone Glue, and offer your clients something unique that they can't get from any other technician. Unbeatable performance with low fumes. What else can you ask for? Give it a try and let us know how you like it!

 Drying time: 1-2 seconds
 Retention Period: 6-7 weeks
 Color: Black
 Volume: 5ml
 Latex & Formaldehyde Free & Approved by ITQA
► Ideal Application Conditions: 23-27c with humidity of RH 50-70%

Before and during use:
- This glue is not suitable for applying cluster/strip lashes.
- Shake well before use (for 30s – 60s).
- This glue may not be suitable for people with sensitive eyes.
- If glue contacts skin or eyes, flush immediately with water or saline solution. If discomfort continues, seek advice from a doctor.

- Once opened, use within 2 months.
- Store upright with cap closed in a cool dry place away from children.

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