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Ultra bond + 10ml



An amazing eyelash extension quick Set Adhesive. Dries in 1-2 seconds & is ideal for classic or Volume lashing

Good strong hold for excellent retention. Loves being in 22-25deg. & a range of 50-70% humidity. It will work outside of these parameters but may just dry quicker or slower. Happy lashing! This is a great Lash Extension Glue

Adhesive should be changed every 15-20 minutes . for best results use at 35%-60% humidity. Store adhesive in dark cool place.

For Professional use ONLY! Do NOT use on self!

size: 10ML

To Avoid Any Irritation: Clients eyes must be kept closed throughout the entire application. Dry lashes for 5-10 minutes before allowing your client to open eyes. a patch test needs to be conducted at least 24hrs prior to application. although adhesive is suitable for sensitive eyes, there's still 1-2% of people that can develop a allergy to it.

Storage: ES: can be stored in Dark Cool place away from direct sun light1-2 months before opening, however we recommend storing it as short as possible. Make sure bottle is facing face up and closed securely after each use. Once opened it is recommended to replace every 4 weeks.

INGREDIENTS: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate-H20-Carbon Black

DISCLAIMER: we are NOT responsible for the misuse of our Products. you are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us. performance results of adhesive differs from person to person. we are not responsible for any allergic reactions the client may experience


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